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Patient and Nurse

Helping Hand

Requires occasional assistance* in mobility, dressing, grooming, showering/bathing, toileting, eating, hearing or sight, medication assistance, memory/wandering or pet care.



Transfers with occasional
assistance, guidance or standby
of no more than 1 person.


Guidance, supervision, and or light assistance in selecting, fastening, putting on, or removing clothing 1 time per day.


Needs (or receives) set up and reminders to complete grooming tasks (washes hands and face, brushes hair and teeth, shaves, uses deodorant, and care for dentures and nails) 1 time per day.

Showering & Bathing

Needs reminders to bath and/or shower, including the set-up up to 3 times per week for bath/shower. Bathes or showers with no assistance or physical presence from staff, including the tasks turning water on/off, getting in/out, scrubbing, shampooing, etc.


Requires assistance with setup and/or cleaning/emptying of bedside commode/urinal; or needs monitoring and notification of incontinence supply needs.


Eats independently in dining envirionemnt with occasional cueing, meal selection, cutting foods, and/or opening condiment containers.


Does not use hearing aids(s) or independently cares for them. Occasional reminders to put in hearing aid.


Does not use eyeglasses, or uses eyeglasses and independently cares for them. Verbal reminders and occasional cleaning provided as-needed.

Medication Assistance

Receives prompts/cues/reminders with self-administration 1 time
per day.


Occasionally forgetful, does not wander, may need redirection.

Pet Care

Requires assistance with pet care 1-2 times per week.

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