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All Inclusive

Any support and care needed is provided.



Transfers with assistance, guidance or standby
of no more than 1 person.


Needs assistance, prompting or guidance to select, fasten, and/or removing clothing.


Needs assistance to complete grooming tasks (washes hands and face, brushes hair and teeth, shaves, uses deodorant, and care for dentures and nails).

Showering & Bathing

Needs assistance and/or supervision in bathing and showering; including, but not limited to, the set-up for the bath/shower and/or the physical presence of a staff member during bath/shower process.


Requires assistance with toileting to include, but not limited to: assistance to and from the bathroom, staff presence during toileting process and assistance to cleanse after toileting.


Needs assistance in dining environment with cueing, meal selection, cutting foods, and/or opening condiment containers.


Has hearing aids(s) or loss of hearing and needs reminders to put in hearing. Assist in changing batteries and/or adjusting settings as-needed.


Has extensive/complete loss of vision, receives verbal communicative assistance/interaction by staff in order to manage daily living needs.

Medication Assistance

Receives prompts/cues/reminders with administration.


Occasionally forgetful, wanders and may need redirection.

Pet Care

Requires assistance with pet care.

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