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We're Different

Chevy Chase Gardens is a locally owned and operated boutique Assisted Living Facility with the mission it to provide an intimate, comfortable and home-like environment for you or your family member. We have created a community where residents can enjoy their golden years in peace and comfort. 

Who Are We

Who are we?

Our Story

Chevy Chase was a dream turned reality for a small team of experienced individuals (100+ combined years of experience) in the senior care space. We are a small, local community-based Assisted Living facility offering short to long term care. We provide many ways for them to stay active and engaged with the staff, friends and other residents while personalizing the extent of care each resident needs.

We offer delicious chef-prepared dining experiences, personalized healthcare, planned activities at locations like the Kentucky Castle, transportation to local shopping destinations, and more.

Meet The Team

Solomon Van Meter


Gus Murray


Liz Koehler

Assistant General Manager

6377a5c0af7b1f39e5f517ce_Mug shot copy.jpeg
Matt Dawson


Nick Murray


Jordan Profile Pic_edited.jpg
Jordan Weiter

Marketing Manager

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